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Writing Prompt 1
It was dawn when the Lord’s Compass pulled into harbor. Large white birds spun around the ship’s three masts, crying shrilly.
Kaeli stood in a shadowy place under the stairway on deck, far out of the way so the crewmen could work uninterrupted. She should have been below deck with the rest of the passengers, but she couldn’t stand the stuffiness. And besides that, everyone always gave her odd, even bitter, looks. Perhaps because of her special treatment by the Western Lord, or perhaps because of her status as a slave. Likely both. Lord Keith had sensed her discomfort and often allowed her to hide from their unfriendly stares up on top.
Kaeli kept her left hand—hidden by a gray silk glove, despite the sweltering heat of early summer—close to her chest, gently cradling the only possession she had brought with her from the East, wrapped snuggly in a thin blanket. Her other hand, ungloved, touched the smooth, planked wall on her right as she looked out
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I Know
They say in Spring the fields will be green,
But they cannot be as green as her eyes.
They say in Summer flocks of birds sing,
But their voices will never be as beautiful as hers.
They say in Autumn the air smells sweet,
But I know her smile is sweeter.
I know in Winter the days are long and cold,
But endure them, please... 'Cause Spring will come soon.
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Listen with fingertips caressing the window
Fluttering heartbeats, keening for life
Listen with bare feet careening across the floor
Hysteric breaths, feathers falling
Listen with hair strewn on the pillow
Gossamer wings, combating the wind
Listen with your ear to a shell
Boundless sea of heartbeats forgotten
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The Cake Calamity
Cole wanted cake.
Zane, who usually made cake every Saturday, was out visiting his father in New Ninjago City. That left Cole, Jay, Lloyd, and Kai alone and without their precious dessert.
But Cole was so hungry for cake! He could just taste it now: fluffy, moist, chocolate with vanilla icing. Sugary and divine.
"Why don't you stop moping and make it yourself?" asked Kai from his seat across the table from Cole, who was pushing crumbs around his dinner plate.
"Yeah!" Jay leaped to his feet and ran into the kitchen. Returning a moment later with a recipe book, he flipped it open. "Right here, Cole. See?"
There it was, in all its glory. What a beautiful picture. Cole licked his lips.
"Let's do this," he said.
In the kitchen, Cole started giving orders. "Lloyd, Kai, you're in charge of the frosting. Jay and I will make the cake."
Kai shrugged. "Sounds good."
They got down to business. Jay gathered the ingredients they needed. Cole tasted each before adding it to the bowl.
"Extra sugar," h
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Something Like That
Something Like That
A Ninjago One-Shot by Astrid16 (Fanfiction)

Four months prior
"Kai!" Lloyd cried, barreling into the bedroom. "Kai, come quick!"
Kai sighed, setting down his comb. He reached for his hair gel. "What is it, kid? I'm kinda busy here."
Breathless, Lloyd pointed down the hall. "It's an emergency," he said. "Jay and Cole are..." He trailed off, watching Kai's fingers form a spike above his right ear. "...Whatcha doing?"
"My hair," Kai answered, squinting into the mirror. "What's Jay and Cole's emergency?"
"Uh...s'not that big of a deal..." Lloyd seemed enraptured by the way Kai molded his hair- laying dull and flat around his ears- into those spikes. "How do you do that, Kai?"
"It's a delicate process," Kai said absently. "One that requires a handful of hair gel and a generous dose of pure ninja awesomeness."
"'ve got hair gel," Lloyd said. "And I've got plenty of awesomeness, what, being the Green Ninja and all, so...maybe you could t
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Hey! I won't be on here much, except to review and post stuff regarding my story. Check out my Fanfiction profile and read my stories, if it so pleases you!

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Tagged by :iconstonebyrd: to do this song thingy. Whee! Thanks, Byrd. These tags are a lot of fun. 


I had to sit here for a minute like the idiot I am to remember what my username is. 


Okay here we go.

C - Cherished Moments (Jon Schmidt)
U - Utakata Hanabi
P - PonPonPon (Len)  (This one is so much fun XD)
O - Onaji Takami he
T - To the Dreamers (fK&C)
E - Embers (Owl City)
A - Ai Kotoba (ShounenT)

And a bonus one, just 'cause I can. Hoshi no Uta (ShounenT)

Not all of these are my *favorite* favorite songs. It's just dang hard to find some for certain letters! XD

Not tagging anyone. Except maybe :iconmoonblade138: if she feels like it. (You can just do three songs, for EMB, if you're in a lazy mood =P (Razz) ) 
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Tagged by :iconstonebyrd: to do this song thingy. Whee! Thanks, Byrd. These tags are a lot of fun. 


I had to sit here for a minute like the idiot I am to remember what my username is. 


Okay here we go.

C - Cherished Moments (Jon Schmidt)
U - Utakata Hanabi
P - PonPonPon (Len)  (This one is so much fun XD)
O - Onaji Takami he
T - To the Dreamers (fK&C)
E - Embers (Owl City)
A - Ai Kotoba (ShounenT)

And a bonus one, just 'cause I can. Hoshi no Uta (ShounenT)

Not all of these are my *favorite* favorite songs. It's just dang hard to find some for certain letters! XD

Not tagging anyone. Except maybe :iconmoonblade138: if she feels like it. (You can just do three songs, for EMB, if you're in a lazy mood =P (Razz) ) 
  • Listening to: Happy Synthesizer (Len)
  • Reading: Edgedancer, from Arcanum Unbounded
This tag from :iconstonebyrd: made its way back to me again! Whee! 


1. Write the rules (or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer)
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5. Don't say, "You're tagged if you read this."
6. It's forbidden not to tag anyone.
7. Tag backs are allowed.
8. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.
13 things about me: 

1) Hmm... My favorite colors are sage green, champagne pink, and maroon. 
2) I have an undercut, and my hair is dyed with oil spill colors. 
3) My bedroom's colors are sage green, teal, black, and gray. 
4) I have a desk in my room. ...Thing is, I haven't actually sat at it in nearly a year, partially due to the presence of plants and a fish tank. Currently I've got some succulents (my jades are particularly happy right now), orchids, a poinsettia, and a pitiful little forget-me-not that's been trying without much success to grow for like, months. It's living a tormented half-life and I'm not sure what to do about it. :| (Blank Stare) 
5) Once, when I was maybe thirteen years old, I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy three about one month. I kid you not, I had a schedule on my calendar where I charted how fast I was able to read each book, and I gave myself goals. I read each book a little faster each time. 
6) I uh... I really, really love Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. It's just...yeah, it's a kids movie, but it's beautiful, and darnit I cried so hard the first time I watched it...and the second time...and the third... 
7) Apparently it's not common knowledge that I own a cat. So there. I do. His name is Trigger, and he's an old butt- I mean, mutt. But he's so cute. His best friend is Clyde, who is a ragdoll. (Look it up, seriously. Softest fur ever.) 
8) I love tea. A lot. GASP. Speaking of which, I haven't had any yet today! Whoa, I've been slow. Haven't really eaten, either... 
9) I have stressful dreams. They usually involve things such as me driving the car directly into obstacles, or getting injured. Which is weird, because I really don't think I'm that anxious in real life. ...Yeah, let's just say I haven't had an awesome lucid dream in forever. People talk about how they can fly in dreams or whatever... Yeah, I float. Barely. And I'm confined to my living room, where I have to avoid the ceiling fan when I finally get far enough off the ground to potentially hit it. 
Actually! One time I was inside a huge greenhouse, and I had a jetpack so I could fly. It was awesome. But then these "bad guys" were chasing after me, and it got kinda stressful after that. XD I'm usually not terrified of my dreams, though. I just wake up slightly miffed.
10) I have rabbits. Their names are Momo, Sebastian (I usually call him "Seb" or "Buddy"), Tina, and Bliss. 
11) I didn't actually read the Harry Potter series until recently. Just finished the last book this week, in fact. 
12) I like to draw. But I currently suck at it, and I don't have the time or interest to resurrect my old skills. 
13) I love the LoZ games. Unfortunately, I'm really late to the whole thing (never had much interest when I was younger), and I've only been able to play the Wii games so far. My goal is to one day be rich enough, and have enough time, to play all of the games, on all of their consoles. 

And now, StoneByrd's questions... 

1. What's your favorite story? Movie/TV show/book/play/bedtime story/etc. 
Awh, a hard question straight off the bat. If we're talking aside from the Bible, then... The Stormlight Archive. It's an incredibly deep, beautiful story that has greatly influenced my writing. 
2. What's your favorite genre of music/song? 
I don't really have a favorite genre- I'm all over the place. XD At the moment my most recently played shows some Florian Bur, Owl City, FK&C (always and forever), Taylor Davis, and Walk off the Earth, and the Breath of the Wild soundtrack. 

Favorite song, though? Probably To the Dreamers, by FK&C. 

3. Burrito or taco?
Depends on how you define both. I say burrito with all the taco fixings. Don't skimp, I want the meat beans and guac oozing out of it when I take a bite. 
4. You're getting your hair done into an extreme style. Tell me about it. 
Umm... I'd get a pixie with an undercut that goes from above one ear, all the way back to the base of the other ear, if that makes sense. I don't know the technical terms for all this stuff. The reason I don't do this is because I have thick, curly hair that would NOT behave if it were short. 
5. What's your favorite time of year? 
The peak of summer. Imagine a hot, sunny day after a rainstorm; you can smell the earth, the birds are singing, and there's a humid, slightly cool breeze blowing through the brush. 
6. What makes you smile? 
Ohhh... Messages from good friends. Sunsets. Singing along to a good song. Finishing a good book. Completing a difficult (but oh-so-worth-it) and emotional chapter in my story. 
7. What's your wardrobe like? 
I have about five T-shirts that I wear and wash regularly. My favorite is a Stormlight Archive shirt in which reads "Would you like to destroy some evil today?" with little 8-bit images of Szeth and Nightblood. I have one pair of skinny jeans that I wear every day (I probably shouldn't say how often those get washed), and super colorful socks. I'm not kidding you, the pair I'm wearing currently is highlighter-pink with highlighter-purple stripes. For shoes, Converse or high-heeled boots, depending on my mood (and how cold it is outside). All my everyday overshirts are plaid- but unfortunately, I only have three of them, and two have recently developed terrible, unfixable holes in the elbows. I need to go shopping. :( 
8. What color are your eyes? and brown? It varies with the lighting. 
9. Milk, white, or dark chocolate?
10. What's your favorite dessert in general? 
Argh don't make me decide. Well, one of my friends makes the most amazing homemade cakes (one of her more recent recipes had cookie dough frosting). I also love ice cream. Don't you dare give me anything with hard chunks, though! I love the types with lots of fudge, cookie dough, or caramel. 
11. Do you play any instruments? 
Technically, I play piano? I've got intermediate skill there, but zero patience- if I can't play a song, both hands, on the first go, I generally don't pursue it. I have no desire to get better, I just enjoy playing the music- it's like singing along with my favorite song/soundtrack, but with my fingers! 
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
I will never grow up. 
Hah. In all seriousness, I would love to pursue a career at a small bakery or restaurant. I love cooking/baking. 
13. Who's your hero? 
I... Darn, I don't really have one. At least, not consciously. Maybe that aforementioned baking friend, and her husband. They're amazing people. 

I'm being naughty and not making my own questions. Take the ones from above for this tag. :) (Also, don't feel obligated to do this tag if you don't want to!)

Tagging mah followers. <3 (Besides StoneByrd and PastelGreys, 'cause they've already been tagged by others)

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Tagged by PastelGreys! 

ABC Tag!

-Chose some of your OC's (or canon characters from any show too)
-Make your OC and/or characters answer these questions
-Tag other people
-Add one other question of your own for the next person

Who do you chose to play with today?

That just sounds so sinister... Well, Pastel wants Kyle (honestly, I'm so shocked) and Sage. I wanna do more, so... Ooh, this is tough. *consults EpicMoonBlade* Okay. She wants Ronin. And I'm gonna add Vara as well. Because I can. 

A- How old are you?

Kyle: Um... I'm...honestly not sure anymore. Let's go with one month. 
Sage: Twenty-six.
Ronin: Thirty. 
Vara: Eighteen.

B- Do you want a hug?

Kyle: Always! *Pulls everyone within arm's reach into a ginormous bear hug* 
Sage: *shrugging Kyle off* ...No, thank you.
Ronin: Heck yeah! 
Vara: ...Sure. Thanks. 

C- Do you have any bad habits?

Kyle: I dunno. Staying up late, I guess? 
Sage: If there is a lot of food in front of me, I tend to eat too much and get a stomachache. 
Ronin: I talk to myself. A lot. Heh...
Vara: Um... I've been told I say sorry too much... 

D- Are you a virgin?

Kyle: Well. Ah. I am a robot, so...yes. 
Sage: No. 
Ronin: *Guffaws, slapping his knee*  
Vara: ...No.

E- Do you have any kids?

Kyle: Ehm, no. Man. I wish, though. 
Sage: Yes. Chedva. 
Ronin: Kora, Erin, Mitsu, and our youngest, Kaviv. Eh... Technically, Kaviv isn't mine. He was conceived and born while Tina was in captivity. But of course we love him just the same. Heart 
Vara: I don't really like these questions... Ugk. No. None living, anyways. But I had two miscarriages before I was removed from the brothels. 

F- Favorite food or drink?

Kyle: As I've said maybe twice before, chicken fried steak with lotsa gravy. Yumm. 
Sage: Avocados. 
Ronin: Meatloaf. With big chunks of onions. 
Vara: I like hot chocolate, but it's so rich... So I mix it with coffee. 

G- Killed anyone?

Kyle: Unfortunately, yes. I have. 
Sage. Have I what
Ronin: I killed stone warriors. But I haven't committed cold-blooded murder or anything. It was self-defense, and I regret it, but there was nothing I could do if I was going to rescue Tina.
Vara: I um... Can I please skip this question? Is that against the rules? 
(Astrid) No, you can skip it. I understand. 
Thank you. Sorry.

H- Hate anyone?

Kyle: Never! Strong dislikes at times- Garmadon's been on my bad side as of late- but hate is a strong word! 
Sage: Yes. A few people. Stone warriors, Overlord... There were a few nasty women in the compound as well.
Ronin: Not anymore, no. 
Vara: I'm with Kyle. 

I- Any secrets?

Kyle: They're called secrets for a reason, y'know. But um...okay. Here's a secret. I uh...
Vara can I tell them? okay
Here's something I haven't told anybody. Not even Josi or Cyrus. But once... Vara and I kissed. 
*crickets chirping* 
Really, Kyle? That's the best you've got? 
Sage: As part of Overlord's society, if a woman went a year without having a child then she was required to have her hair cut. People with short hair were often bullied. But, whenever possible, I avoided having my hair cut. And I hid its length during Overlord and Nephilim's inspections by putting it in a braid. 
Ronin: I hide all the sweets in the back of a high cupboard where the kids can't get at it. 
Vara: Sage helped me to not have my hair cut, too. Um, and I have a birthmark on my leg. I'm sorry, it's silly. But it's embarrassing... 

J- Love anyone?

Kyle: Tight Hug My Princess! 
Sage: Cole and Chedva, of course. 
Ronin: Tina!
Vara: *Looks down, blushing*

K- What is your job?

Kyle: Being dead and all, I'm totally free. 
*Rotten fruit is thrown at Astrid* 
Sage: I do not have a traditional job. Right now, I just take care of Chedva. 
Ronin: Currently, I'm helping Jay rebuild the West. I might eventually go back east and help Cyrus again. 
Vara: I'm...not really doing any jobs right now... Sorry. 

L- Favorite Season?

Kyle: Another question I've answered a couple times. Heh. I only know winter. But spring sounds fantastic. 
Sage: Summer. I love being warm. 
Ronin: Autumn! 
Vara: Spring, I think... I love all the flowers that bloom that time of year. 

M- Who is your best friend?

Kyle: I don't really have a best friend... I mean, why pick just one when you can be friends with everybody? But how about Josi and Vara. I admit, I spent most of my time with them before I died. 
*More rotten fruit at Astrid* 
Can you please stop bringing that up, Kyle?
Sage: Cole.
Ronin: Tina! 
Vara: A best friend? Oh, I never really thought about that. Um, Josi. 

N- Hobbies?

Kyle: I love horses! They were always my favorite animals to take care of for Cyrus. 
Sage: Oh... I do not know. I like to sing? 
Ronin: Knife throwing's always been a favorite hobby of mine... I like archery, too. 
Vara: Um... Bird watching? 

O- What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Kyle: Settle back into my everlasting sleep. 
*More flying fruit* 
Yai... Eck. I'm so done with you, Kyle.
Sage: Probably try to take a nap... I am always tired now, with Chedva to take care of. 
Ronin: I dunno. Drag Jay out on a hike with me, maybe. It's been a while since he got away from work. 
Vara: Um... I can't really say. It would spoil the story. 

P- What is your eye color?

Kyle: Amber. 
Sage: Gray.
Ronin: Chocolate brown.
Vara: ...Green. Unfortunately. 

Q- Are you good? Or bad?

Kyle: What kind of vague question is this? Nobody's "good". We're all prone to mistakes. But I try to be good, at least. 
Sage: Good. 
Ronin: I'd have to agree with Kyle on this one. I walk in the Way, but I know I'm prone to error, like everybody else in the world. We're bad, but God makes us good. So I guess my answer depends on what kind of good and bad the question is referring to. 
Vara: I...I really don't know anymore. I've made so many mistakes. And how could anyone related to a wicked man like Garmadon be good? I know I'm not him, but it still scares me... I'm sorry, I'm rambling.

R- If you could get anything right now what would it be?

Kyle: Another hug, how 'bout? *Hugs Vara tightly* 
Sage: Sleep. 
Ronin: I'm hungry. A steak would be nice. 
Vara: It's... It's kind of personal; I don't want to talk about it. ...But having Kyle back would be wonderful, too. 

S- What is your greatest fear?

Kyle: Oh, shoot. I don't know. I guess I'm afraid for Cyrus. He's devoted his whole life to his projects, and he's at such a critical point in his plans. Everything he's worked for could topple at any moment, and it would be terrible if his sacrifices- his wife's life, his life's savings, his reputation- were all made in vain. He works too hard for me to bear the thought of him failing now. 
Sage: Being alone. 
Ronin: Moons... For so long my greatest fear was for Tina's safety. Now she's safe, thank God, so I suppose my greatest fear now is for the safety and health of my children. The plague is still running rampant in the east, and they could be dying right now. I trust that Cyrus is doing his best to protect them, as he does with all under his authority. But still, the fear remains... 
Vara: I didn't realize what I was agreeing to when you came to me with this interview, Astrid.
*Sigh...* Okay. I guess one of my biggest concerns right now is that I might become like Garmadon. Because, as much as I dislike it, he is my father. And now that I am with him, all everyone seems to see is my eyes. So I'm afraid that I'll become what they all see, and... Yeah. *deep breath*

T- Does your name have a special meaning?

Kyle: Haa. Funny thing is, my name was originally supposed to be Kyrk. But when the time came to write me in, she called me Kyle instead. It took a few chapters for her to notice the mistake, and by then it was too late. Laughing  S'all good, though. And yeah, Astrid just looked it up. My name means "Victorious." I'm totally cool with that. 
Sage: My name means "Thoughtful," I believe? Something along those lines. I suppose I do tend to overthink things, but I do not think the meaning really describes my character. 
Ronin: My name...uh, no. No special meaning pertaining to Astrid's story. And please don't look it up, either. It's embarrassing. 
I thought your name meant "Samurai." 
...Sure. That's what it means, Astrid. Shifty Emote 
Vara: My name was Astrid's variation of the name Vafara, which means "Brave." I'm sorry, though: I don't think I quite live up to her expectations... 

U- What parent do you identify with the most?

Kyle: Uh...parent?
Sage: My father. He was a kind man. 
Ronin: Eh, my mother, I guess. Father was never around growing up. 
Vara: My mother, of course. 

V- Any siblings?

Kyle: Josi! 
Sage: Yes. A little brother. 
Ronin: An older brother. We don't talk much, though. 
Vara: The only one I'm aware of at this moment is my half-brother, Lloyd. I wouldn't put it past Garmadon to have more children hidden somewhere, though... 

X- Do you find yourself attractive?

Kyle: Ask any of my fans. They'll tell you. *flicks hand disarmingly* Kidding, kidding! ...Uhm, I guess? Attractive to whom? ...Though, if I'm even half as cute as my twin sister, it's a miracle that I'm still single! Hug 
Sage: Not...not particularly. I am glad for Cole, though. He has helped me become more comfortable with my flaws. 
Ronin: *Flexes arms* Heck, yeah. You saying you don't? 
Vara: Well, I like my hair; it's the one part of me that's clearly my mother's blood. But...well, no. I'm comfortable with my body, but I don't like to think that I look attractive.

Y- What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Kyle: Drugging Cyrus' tea to force him to rest. *shudders* He was not happy with me. 
Sage: Well... It is not the stupidest thing I have ever done, but one morning, I woke up and tried to kiss Cole's face. I...kissed the pillow instead. He still teases me about it sometimes. Sweating a little... 
Ronin: Oooh. This is a hard one. There's a lot to choose from. Oh! Okay. One time, about eight years ago, I'd had one too many drinks at a local tavern with a friend and started to crave, of all things, cabbage. So I went home straightaway and ate some. And I ate some more. And more, and more. Eck... After that traumatic experience, I can't look at cabbage without feeling sick. Tina holds it over my head, too. Says if I come home like that again she'll cook all my meals for the next week with cabbage in 'em. :| (Blank Stare) 
Vara: I once reached through an open window to grab a butterfly... But the window was closed, and I hurt my hand. ...And the butterfly was actually a dead leaf. 

Z- Any last words?

Kyle: Just one more hug? Meow :3 
Sage: ...No, thank you, Kyle. Goodbye, readers. Thank you for taking the time to read this through. 
Ronin: Aww, it's over already? 
Vara: Thank you for thinking of me for this tag, but this was so long... I'm glad it's over. Bye. : ) 

PastelGreys bonus question: What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

Kyle: Ah, not quite done yet, then! Yay! Um, well... Coffee. It's so weird. I can't understand why some people like to drink beverages that bitter... 
Sage: I ate a bug once. Only once. 
Ronin: Oysters. Those things are so slimy and nasty. 
Vara: In Ninjago, every food is kind of strange to me... But maybe the strangest- but most wonderful- thing I've ever eaten was...bread. Warm, fluffy, spread with...what's the word...butter. On the Dark Island we only ever had dry, flat, cracker-like cakes which stored well, but did not taste half as wonderful as the bread I can eat now. 


I did not realize what I was signing up for when I wanted to do Vara. She's so reticent- which isn't a bad thing! It's just super difficult when I'm trying to get her to reveal her deepest darkest fears and the like.

Ronin, on the other hand... Ha! He has Kyle's aptitude for stealing the spotlight, I'll say that much. I'm glad I didn't choose to do Tina, too, or I'd never get anything done here. 

I'm not tagging anybody. Hmm. I might need to reach out to more authors in the DA community one of these days so I can be a more active giver of tags, instead of just a receiver. 
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Tagged by :iconstonebyrd: to answer a few questions about an OC. I chose Sage again. :3 She's a precious little love muffin. 

- These questions may ONLY circulate around OCS. 
-You MUST post a journal entry in response. 
- Anyone can do this tag if they see it and are not tagged but they should credit the person they originally saw doing this so we can all spread OC love! 
- You must ask 13 OC-related questions when you are done replying to the tagger's 13 OC questions for you. 
- Tag as many people as you want! 
- Tag backs are allowed 
- IF YOU WANT, you can also include a "13 Things About [Insert OC's name here]" section in your response because those are always really fun!

Questions by StoneByrd. 

1. How old is your OC?


2. What is their favorite dessert? 

Oh, gosh. Do you know how hard these kinds of questions are to answer when your character lives in a post-apocalyptic world where the sweetest treats they ever knew existed were probably freaking fruits

Pomegranates. She loves them to death. :)

3. Give me a brief summary of the backstory surrounding this character. 

Okay. Well, as has been hinted at in my story, True Grit, Ninjago (Amoka) is only one of many little pockets of civilized areas that have narrowly survived terrible apocalyptic plagues, wars, and natural disasters. Amoka (and its sister island, Keitorin) are very hard to get to in this age, and people are typically too busy trying to rebuild their own world to go exploring new ones. (Besides this, pretty much no one knows Amoka exists.)

Sage's parents had a wanderlust that rivaled (and beat into the dust) the late Lerin Keith's. They made their way to Keitorin with a small group of other individuals and settled on the western coast. Funny enough, around that time, Keith's ships came and settled on the east side. After discovering each other the two settlements kinda helped each other get on their feet. 

This is why Sage's appearance is so different from the rest of the Amokans: the Amokans have all been inbreeding for over six-hundred years, and they've adapted to the milder Amokan climate, so the darkest their skin's ever going to get is a medium tan. Sage's parents, on the other hand, came from a civilization comprised of mostly dark-skinned people across the ocean. Sage is likely the only person in the entire country with coffee-colored skin. Which is a shame, because I find that color so pretty... Ah, well. I'm leaving room for a sequel. XD I can work on that. 

I should note that Sage does not remember her family's heritage, and believes that she and her parents are native-born Amokans. But she was born on the ship on the way there. :) 

4. What are their little-known passions? 

Oh gosh. Ahm, how about goats? I could see her owning a goat or two once they moved to Amoka. And perhaps gardening. 

5. How experienced is your OC in combat? 

I think she's already shown her mettle in battle. XD Huggle! She's just not built for it, body or mind. But I sympathize deeply- I'd probably react worse than her in the circumstances she's been thrown into. 

6. If they could get anything for Christmas, what would they want? 

Psh. You know, she'd probably be beyond thrilled to get a cat. She'd name it Kado, and it would be Chedva's best friend growing up- although Cole would just be annoyed that it takes up so much space on the bed when they're trying to sleep. Despite his deep dislike for the creature, it loves him, and usually sleeps on his face. (Note how this paragraph made the transition from a headcanon to canon material. Bahaha)

7. What is their favorite article of clothing? 

Oh, this is the easiest one so far. Socks. 

8. Describe their living space to me. 

I guess by this point I've evolved this "interview" to include life after TG, so...humm. I can honestly say that I haven't decided yet where/how they'll live. But her ideal living space would likely include a small living room (reminiscent of Cole's old cave) with a fireplace and cushy chairs and books. Lots of muted colors, like gray and lavender, though sometimes she shocks Cole by purchasing blankets/socks/decor colored bright orange, green, pink/et cetera. 

9. Do they believe in ghosts? 

The logical part of her mind shouts a resounding "no!" However, she does have anxiety about going outside/looking out of windows at night because she's terrified of seeing faces/apparitions that she *knows* aren't there, but is scared of nonetheless. She keeps the blinds drawn after sunset and only goes outside by herself when there's no other choice. She doesn't voice her fears to Cole, and if he's guessed what's going on, he doesn't embarrass her by mentioning it. 

10. If they were to get an extreme makeover, and had no option to keep their old look, what crazy hairstyle/tattoo/piercings/look would they come up with? 

Hahaaaa. You know, Cole would probably want her to have a nose piercing. A little silver nose screw with a light purple or white gemstone. No one can touch her hair, though- Cole's pretty adamant about that, and Sage agrees with him. Her hair is too pretty for Cole to bear cutting/dying it. 

11. Do they prefer cake or pie? 

Oh, pie, hands down. Especially fruit pies like apple or berry. Cole, of course, is at the opposite end of the spectrum with rich chocolate cakes and thick chocolate frosting. ...Though sometimes they'll compromise and put fruit jam on yellow cake. :)

12. What are they addicted to? 

I can see her becoming addicted to teas. White, green, and/or fruit teas. 

And strawberries! Those're a treat unheard of on Keitorin, and once Sage had one for the first time- straight off the plant, still warm from the sun- she could not stop eating them to save her life.  

13. What is their favorite song/genre of music? 

Well...instrumental, I suppose. XD Heh. I don't know that I've ever given her a specific song. Perhaps My Everything, by Adrian von Ziegler? 
  • Listening to: Wholehearted, For King and Country
  • Reading: The Sorcerer's Stone, JK Rowling
  • Eating: Toooo muchhh cookie doughhhh
It was dawn when the Lord’s Compass pulled into harbor. Large white birds spun around the ship’s three masts, crying shrilly.

Kaeli stood in a shadowy place under the stairway on deck, far out of the way so the crewmen could work uninterrupted. She should have been below deck with the rest of the passengers, but she couldn’t stand the stuffiness. And besides that, everyone always gave her odd, even bitter, looks. Perhaps because of her special treatment by the Western Lord, or perhaps because of her status as a slave. Likely both. Lord Keith had sensed her discomfort and often allowed her to hide from their unfriendly stares up on top.

Kaeli kept her left hand—hidden by a gray silk glove, despite the sweltering heat of early summer—close to her chest, gently cradling the only possession she had brought with her from the East, wrapped snuggly in a thin blanket. Her other hand, ungloved, touched the smooth, planked wall on her right as she looked out across the water at the island that would now become her home.

The world before her, one of heat, and sand, and tall, oddly-shaped trees, was both her prison and her salvation. She wasn’t sure if she should weep or laugh.

No turning back, she told herself firmly, and watched as dozens of people on the large dock, only perhaps a quarter mile out now, scurried to prepare for the ship to anchor. Kaeli squinted at each person in turn, though their faces were hardly recognizable at this distance, hoping for a glimpse of her brother. There were many men in blue uniforms—the Western Guard—along the shoreline, but Gihara’s familiar shock of red hair was nowhere to be seen.

But why would you think he’d be here? Kaeli scolded herself. He has no idea you’re coming, and probably has duties elsewhere. She wondered, not for the first time, what Gihara’s reaction would be when he first saw her. Would he laugh and pull her into an embrace? Or would there be stunned silence, followed by awkward questions and hesitant conversation?

Or worse, would he shun her completely? She had not seen him since her relocation from Peran’s home to the King’s. Was that because no one was allowed to see her, or because nobody wanted to? A marked slave could seriously damage his or her family’s reputation. Despite the Western Lord’s insistence to the contrary, Kaeli knew that her being here could seriously damage Gihara’s good name among his peers.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” asked a familiar voice behind Kaeli. She turned to face Lord Keith.

“I always preferred the pine woods in the North, my lord,” she answered quietly. “But I suspect I will grow to love this place, too.”

“You will indeed.” Keith chuckled. The hot breeze tugged at his hair, pulled back by a beaded ribbon, as was proper for a Lord. He set a hand on Kaeli’s shoulder. Around them, the ship’s crew worked hard tossing each other ropes, shouting commands, and working at the two anchors on either side of the ship, letting them down slowly to create drag to help ease them into the harbor. Most of these men also wore blue uniforms, though a few, tough and tanned, were professional sailors, paid by Lord Keith to help keep things running smoothly.

Paid work. The term seemed so foreign after her four years of slavery. The Northern Lord Rector and Lord Keith had both assured her that she would not be made a slave here—Keith ruled differently than Garmadon, and adhered to different laws. It was rumored that the West was already a haven to a few escaped slaves, but Keith would neither confirm or deny that rumor: to do so would likely make a bitter enemy of the entire Amokan upper class, which made much of its profit off of the slave markets.

“Would you like me to escort you to your brother after we disembark?” Keith asked.

Kaeli pulled herself from her reflections with a start. The ship had come alongside the massive dock now, and men were tying off the vessel and securing the gangplank. “N-no, my lord,” she said, looking down and bowing slightly, still holding her bundle close. “You’ve done enough for me already, letting me come on your voyage without paying for my fare. Your kindness—”

“My name is Lerin,” Keith said, touching her chin, prompting her to look into his eyes, dark and blue, like the sea on a starry night. “Listen to me, Kaeli. You’re not a slave anymore. You never should have been made one in the first place: that was a terrible aberration of justice on the High General’s part, in my opinion. But you’re free now. You can look me in the eyes, and you can call me by my name. I’m not your lord; I’m your friend.” His smile bunched only one cheek, giving him a youthful look, though he was many years older than Kaeli’s twenty-one. “Besides. We’re family.”

“Hardly.” Kaeli’s face felt hot, and not just because of the bright sun. She and Keith shared a common ancestor three generations passed. Hardly a reason for him to be treating her, a defiled slave, so kindly. “Thank you, Lerin. Just…just point me in the right direction, and I’ll be able to find Gihara on my own.”

Keith chuckled and walked out from under the stairway. With his hand still on her shoulder, Kaeli felt compelled to follow him. “That way,” he said, pointing to the small port town just beyond the dock. “Your brother’s in the fourth regiment, so he’s likely on duty at the Keep right now. That’s over a mile inland, though, so find Jaerad, the man that works in that shop over there by the lopsided palm. See it?”

Kaeli followed his finger to the small shop in question, right near the dock. She nodded.

“Tell him that Lerin sent you, and you need a ride to the keep. He has a horse that can take you there.”

“I can walk,” Kaeli said. “Honest. I don’t want to be a bother to anybody… And besides, I don’t have money to pay for the service.”

“You’re not a bother to us, Kaeli,” Keith said. He glanced down at Kaeli’s precious cargo, then back at her large brown eyes. “Jaerad will be happy to help you. I promise. And when you find your brother, tell him that he can have the day off to help you get settled in.” He gestured with a nod to the now affixed gangplank. Sailors and soldiers were now unloading cargo. Soon the passengers would be allowed to leave the lower levels and leave the ship. Kaeli felt guilty as she realized that not only had she not been required to pay for this weeklong passage across the ocean, but she was now also allowed to leave the ship before anyone else. What had she done to deserve this generous treatment?

“Time to go,” Keith said, kissing Kaeli’s hand. “If you won’t let me take you the whole way, I’ll at least walk you off the ship. Come on.”


Jaerad, a man in his late thirties with skin darkened by long days in the sun, had indeed been happy to help her. Immediately dropping all of his duties in his shop where he cleaned and packaged customers’ fish, he saddled his horse for a very flustered Kaeli and took her to the Keep. Kaeli thanked the man, and with a hearty laugh he told her it was his pleasure—besides, he owed their Lord a favor—and trotted back to the docks without another word, leaving her on the Keep’s front lawn.

Kaeli examined the West Keep with fascination. Set apart from the other buildings in the town, surrounded by trees and colorful brush, with spotty, pale crabgrass for a lawn, the Keep was made from sandy-colored bricks, and a small fraction of the size of the King’s home.

Thinking of the King was a mistake. She swallowed hard to abate a sudden wash of nausea. He’s gone, she told herself. He can’t touch you or Aida here. This was the start of a new life for the both of them. A new day; a turned page in the book of their lives. Kaeli was determined not to ruin this moment by thinking of him.  

“Can I help you, ma’am?”

Kaeli turned to see a tall, uniformed man with blond hair and a narrow face approaching her. “Y-yes, please,” she said, unable to keep her voice from wavering. “Um…I’m looking for Gihara. Lerin—um, Lord Keith said he might be here.”

The man examined her impatiently—he was likely just arriving himself, and had places to be—but when he saw her gloved hand he frowned. “You’re Gihara’s…sister?”


The man continued to frown at her. Kaeli looked away from his eyes, suddenly ashamed of herself for having the audacity to look at him so boldly. It wasn’t appropriate for a woman of her rank to do such a thing.

Get a grip, she told herself. Even with your mark, you’re not a slave anymore. Let this man think whatever he wanted. All she cared about was finding her brother.

Taking a deep breath, going against every instinct that had been drilled into her since she was first seized from her family, she looked dead into this solder’s eyes. Judging by the gold cord on his uniform, he was of high rank. Likely a lieutenant. “Gihara is in the fourth regiment, and I want to see him. Please.”

Under her threadbare brown dress, her knees knocked. She had not talked this way to anyone in years. But instead of being rewarded with a feeling of empowerment, she felt more timid. What was she thinking? This was no way to—

“Check the orchards,” the lieutenant said gruffly, and pointed behind the Keep before walking off in the direction of the front door of the Keep.

“Ah—um, thank you,” Kaeli said, bowing before she could stop herself. The lieutenant ignored her.

Thoroughly embarrassed by the scene she’d made, Kaeli scampered down the path that rounded to the back of the Keep, where the orchard lay. She pulled up short in awe.

Whole acres of trees lined the backyard of the Keep. Rows upon rows, each with countless colored blossoms. Pink and white, mostly, but some were even yellow or red. Down at the end of the orchard, through the trees, Kaeli could see a sparkling body of water—a lake, perhaps, or a river. She couldn’t tell which from her vantage.

A dozen or so soldiers sat in scattered groups underneath the beautiful trees. Some sat in silence, evidently still waking up as they drank from canteens, or ate chunks of bread or fruit. Others spoke affably, stretching their limbs or practicing fencing routines with swords that glittered in the early morning light. For them, just an ordinary beginning to an ordinary day. But for her, a first glimpse at a whole new, strange world.

Kaeli picked Gihara and his red hair out among a group of sparring soldiers, and her heart raced. He hadn’t noticed her yet; he was sparring with a short, broad-shouldered man, while two other soldiers sat to the side, watching with sleepy disinterest.

Hosts. What was Kaeli supposed to do? Interrupt their match and force her presence on them? Perhaps it was best to just stand here and wait for him to see her…

Her decision was made for her when Gihara’s companion saw her out of the corner of his eye and paused mid-strike, inadvertently allowing Gihara to land a “killing” blow. But Gihara’s triumph was short-lived: he quickly realized that something unusual had distracted his friend, and turned around.

At twenty-two winters, Gihara was a handsome man, with a pronounced jawbone and deep-set eyes that now stared at Kaeli with disbelief. Then he smiled. Oh, Kaeli nearly wept right there at the sight of that smile.

Saying something hastily to his friends, Gihara sheathed his sword and ran to Kaeli. Unsure of what to do, Kaeli just stayed put and waited for him to reach her. Which he did, in only a few short seconds, and opened his arms to sweep her into one of his large, warm hugs which Kaeli had missed so dearly during their years of separation.

But Gihara did not embrace her. He paused only a stride from her, arms outstretched, staring at her face with confusion. Kaeli realized then that her eyes were welling with tears, and she dried them with the back of her free hand.

“Kaeli,” Gihara said, lowering his arms. His voice had changed—become deeper—since last they’d seen each other. “What’s… Are you all right? What happened? How are you here?”

Kaeli stared up at him, unable to speak as tears rolled with greater force down her cheeks. She made no move to stop these and instead walked into her brother’s chest, feeling both warm and bitterly cold as his arms enclosed her.

What was she to say? How did one even begin to describe what she’d been through in this past year alone?

Words were inadequate, and so she wept. Ugly and loud, she wept into his crisp, clean blue uniform, uncaring about the fact that all of the soldiers in this orchard were likely watching as this unusual scene unfolded before them. Gihara’s arms just felt so good, and she was so weary, and…and…

Finally her tears slowed some, and Gihara pulled away, examining her more closely. He touched her hair—which was badly in need of a wash after her many days on board that ship—and wiped away the hot tears that were trickling from her chin. At last his hazel eyes landed on the blanket in Kaeli’s arm, and his brow furrowed as he carefully pulled back a corner of the blanket.

The sleeping infant, hardly ten days old, scrunched her nose as the thin blanket left her face, exposing it to the light. She waved a pink fist in the air and opened her eyes a slit, glaring at the bright Western sky before curling toward her mother’s breast.

“Her eyes,” Gihara breathed. “Kaeli… Oh, sister…”

Kaeli began to cry again, nodding her head. “Her…” She sniffled and wiped her nose. “Her name is Aida. And—and I love her, Gihara. But the King…” Her throat tightened suddenly, making speech impossible. She looked around Gihara at the soldiers, who sleepy or not, began to take a great interest in what was happening before them.

“That Mena-cursed bastard,” Gihara hissed. He tenderly took Aida from his sister’s arms, touching the infant’s puffy cheek with the back of his finger. “Kaeli, I’m so sorry. I’ve been trying to save enough to bribe the King into releasing you. I wasn’t fast enough. I had no idea he would do…”

“It’s alright.” Kaeli choked on the words. Her arm hurt now, from being held in that position holding the baby for so long, but she wrapped both arms around her brother and held him tight. He held her, too, with his free arm, and kissed the top of her head. It is alright now. They were finally safe, her and Aida.

This whole year had been without a doubt the worst of her life, but that final week leading up to her escape on the Lord’s Compass had been the worst—the closest to Hell Kaeli ever hoped she’d get.

“Let’s go home,” Gihara murmured, and Kaeli nodded, swiping her wet arm across her face again.

Home, she thought, following her brother with shaking legs away from the Keep.

I’m finally home.
Writing Prompt 1
Day one: Hugs. A snapshot of Aida (Vara)'s mother's life as she reaches Keitorin, pre-Overlord. I apologize for mistakes: this is only a hasty one-shot, not my best work, and DA is frustrating to deal with. 

This one is long and kind of angsty. I promise they're not all going to be like this: if you look at my list, you'll see plenty more humorous prompts than sad ones. :) I hope you'll tag along for this adventure! None of the others'll be this long, I hope: my plan is to set a timer for maybe 15 minutes daily and limit myself to just that little window to jot out quick "sketches" of scenes that include the prompt for that day. 


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